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Hi! I’m Steve Calvert. Welcome to my blog.Steve Calvert (Freelance Writer, Minimalist, Digital Nomad)

I’m a freelance writer and full-time traveller. People who live the way I do are also known as “digital nomads”.

It took me a while to arrange this type of lifestyle, but I got there in the end. I began this blog in July 2015. That was the month I left the UK for good and headed for Europe.

At the time I called the blog Gather No Moss. It seemed very appropriate because I’ve always been a rolling stone at heart. Later I realized there are lots of blogs with the same name, but I decided not to worry about it.

In April 2019, I changed the name of the blog to Travel Write. That’s a good fit as well. I like it and wish I had thought of it before.

Many Travel Write blog posts are about travel. But it’s not a typical travel blog because I’m not a typical traveller. Although I do visit tourist attractions from time to time, that’s not really my thing. I travel because I like to experience different cultures and learn what it’s like “live” in the countries I’m in. I want to learn the good points and the bad points too so I try and live like a local, avoid many touristy things, and never seek out expat communities.

Apart from being a digital nomad, I am also a minimalist. I used to own a house and an awful lot of possessions. Now I can fit nearly everything I own into a backpack. It’s great, I feel so much freer inside and it makes it very easy to travel.

Discovering minimalism is one of the things that helped change my life for the better so I occasionally write about the minimalist lifestyle. Learning how to be a digital nomad also helped make my dreams of travel come true so, once in a while, I write about what it’s like to be a digital nomad.

If I discover a useful travel tip or can share an experience that will make it easier for someone travelling to the same destination, I blog about that too.

Above all else, Travel Write is a personal blog, so there are no hard and fast rules. I once did an exercise designed to reduce all your hopes and ambitions down to a single word. For me, the word was “freedom”. I live my life on my own terms. If I want to blog about something I will. It doesn’t have to fall into the blog’s “overall theme”.

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  1. Hey, Steve, we have just discovered your blog by change. We’d love to learn more on your highs and lows of your minimalist lifestyle. Our magazine covers minimalist living, design and technology celebrating simplicity and we try to show both, the nice and the challenging sides of minimalism 🙂

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