Leaving Wageningen


Time to move on again. It’s my last night in Wageningen. I’ve spent the last three weeks living in Student accommodation. It’s a nice big room, it’s clean, and the view is pretty good because I am on the third floor. I’ve enjoyed good food and good company here, and I would have liked to have stayed longer, but the guy I sub-rented the room from via Airbnb returns tomorrow so off I go.

Not a Bad View to Wake up to

Wageningen is an old city with a church in the middle of the market square. Most of the buildings that face it are bars, so anyone who feels like going on a pub-crawl in Wageningen won’t need to waste much time travelling between one watering hole and the next. These days the city is most notable for its university and research center. Wageningen UR is considered to be one of the best univeristies in Europe and aims “To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life”.

Wageningen also has a mountain. Trust a Yorkshire man to go to a country that is famed for being flat and then find a mountain path to follow. The views from the top are very good, and “berg pad” translates as “mountain path”, but personally I considered it to be more like a big hill.

Judging by the size of the houses, the wealthier locals probably live in Wageningen Hoog. I walked through the area one day and then wandered into the forest. It was very quiet and strangely devoid of bird song. I was also fascinated to notice how sandy the soil was. I’ve noticed a lot of areas in the Netherlands have sandy soil.

Tomorrow I’m heading for Zoetermeer for a month. I need to get a bus to the train station and I am curious to see how much it costs. On the way here the bus driver charged me double and gave me two tickets—one for me and one for my backpack.


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