Display of Concentration Camp Clothing at Kamp Vught

Display of Concentration Camp Clothing at Kamp Vught

This display of concentration camp clothing is one of the first things visitors see when they visit the museum at Kamp Vught.

Now a Dutch National Monument, the Kamp Vught concentration camp was opened in 1943.

During its years of service 31,000 prisoners were held at the camp. Although Kamp Vught was only a holding area, more than 700 people died within its grounds. Many of the deaths were due to the appalling conditions within the camp but 329 men were executed by firing squad.

For those who died, these depressing-looking garments would have been the last clothes they got to wear.

The blue and white stripes make the clothes look like pajamas. This design was typical for Nazi concentration camp clothing.

The Netherlands gets extremely cold in winter. Clothing like this would have done little to keep the concentration camp prisoners warm.

The prisoners also got clogs to wear on their feet but were not provided with socks. (Kamp Vught: A National Monument with a Sad History)