Today I Was Visited by a Lizard, but It Was Camera Shy

Dear Travel Diary

Dear Travel Diary,

I was working at a table on the balcony today when I saw something move on the wall in front of me. It was a lizard. I’m three floors up and a lizard had climbed the wall to visit me. This kind of thing probably happens a lot in Portugal. When I’m out walking I often see lizards on the top of walls, basking in the sun. Lizards are in short supply in the UK. I never saw any while I was living there. Not a one. Here I see them all the time. It always amazes me, but what’s unusual for someone from one culture is normal for someone from another. Experiences like this are one of the things that makes it so interesting to live abroad. I wanted to take a picture, but as soon as I reached for my phone it was gone.