Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

My Thoughts About the Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads


When I became a digital nomad and began travelling, I had to ask myself a question and it was a question new digital nomads probably ask themselves a lot: Do I need travel insurance? I decided I did. My primary worry was not the thought of losing my stuff, it was the thought of becoming ill and needing medical treatment abroad. My health is excellent. I rarely get ill, but I’m not stupid. I know medical treatment can cost a bomb. Having said that, the cost of buying a policy from certain insurance companies can be ridiculously high and, in some cases, the level of cover provided is not that good.

After doing a lot of research I decided to buy a World Nomads Travel Insurance policy. Partly because World Nomads offered one of the cheapest quotes, but also because, all things considered, they appeared to provide the one the best travel insurance packages for digital nomads.

Accidents Happen (That's Why You Need Good Travel Insurance)
Accidents Happen

That was a few years ago and I’m still travelling with a World Nomads insurance policy, although I like to think I’m being a little smarter about it these days. I originally bought worldwide cover for a year because I planned to be travelling long-term and was unsure which areas of the world I would be visiting. As it happened I never left Europe so, although my insurance policy was very reasonably priced, I still paid more than I needed to do.

One of the things I’ve discovered about World Nomads is they make it very easy to extend your cover. So at the moment, I’m paying in three-month blocks and then extending my cover. When I’m ready to leave Europe and head for South America (probably sometime next year), instead of paying for Worldwide cover I’ll switch to a cover that applies to the areas I’m visiting. I travel slowly so I don’t see the point of paying for worldwide cover at the moment.

Why I Decided World Nomads Is the Best Travel Insurance for Me

There are lots of reasons I chose World Nomads. For one thing, it’s designed to be a good choice for digital nomads. The company offers all the essentials including cover for overseas medical evacuation and loss of baggage. Although I have never needed such features so far, it’s also nice to know there are options for a range of adventure sports and activities. So, if I decide to take up surfing in the future (not likely, but not impossible) I know I can update my cover accordingly.

Other things I like include:

  • It’s backed by reliable underwriters
  • It provides good cover
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent levels of customer support
  • It’s flexible (if your plans change you can change your cover accordingly)


Why Travel Insurance Is Necessary

I think World Nomads is the best travel insurance for me at the present moment in time, but be it via Worldwide Nomads or via another reputable travel insurance provider, it’s important to cover your ass and have some kind of insurance in place. Admittedly, lots of people travel without insurance and get away with it, but it’s not a smart idea. In fact, according to an article in the Daily Express, people who visit the USA, without insurance, and have a heart attack can end up being presented with a bill for £230,000 or more. A bill like that would land most people in debt for the rest of their life and it doesn’t get much better for people who become ill in less advanced countries. Visitors to Thailand often rent mopeds and the combination of short trouser and hot exhaust pipes can result in burned legs. The cost of having the wound treated in a Thai hospital can run up a bill of up to £45,000. However, the cost of treating a jellyfish sting in Australia is a more reasonable £12,000, so what’s up with that?

Travel insurance is important. It covers you for the unexpected and offers protection against years of financial misery. Even for short trips, good travel insurance is an absolute must. If you think you cannot afford it, you’d be better off staying home because the truth of the matter is you can’t afford to be without it.