Headland Story Trail Marker no. 3 (Beacon & Town Moor)

Headland Story Trail Marker no. 3 (Beacon & Town Moor)

This is the information plate on one of the marker posts that are part of the Headland Story Trail at Hartlepool.

There are 18 markers along the trail. Each one provides information about local history. This one is no.3. (Beacon & Town Moor). It’s located near a part of the coast that was used as a defensive coastal beacon many hundreds of years ago.

Even as far back as Viking times, if hostile forces were approaching Hartlepool, a sentry would have seen them and been able to raise the alarm.

Marker post no. 3 also provides information about a nearby village green.

The bottom of the information plaque has a map of the Healand that shows the location of all the marker posts on the Headland Story Trail.

This is one of several pictures that are used in my article about the monkey statue at Hartlepool Marina. All the Headland Story Trail markers have an small monkey statue on top. Sometimes vandals remove the information plates. When this happens, tourists often see the vandalized marker, mistake it for a monument, and then post incorrect information online. This can confuse people who are have heard there is a monkey statue at Hartlepool and are searching for information about it or directions to help them find it—The Monkey Statue at Hartlepool Marina (Article)