As my review explains, this is what the Kinzd Slim wallet looks like after 14 months of use.

Kinzd Slim Wallet Review (Based on Over a Year’s Experience)

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If you are reading this Kinzd Slim Wallet review there’s a good chance you are considering buying a Kinzd wallet. If so, I hope the information I’m about to share helps you make the right decision.

I don’t write a review until I have plenty of experience with a product and know it well. At the time of writing, I’ve been using my Kinzd wallet for over 14 months and although I like the small size, there are a lot of things I do not like so I’m presently looking for a better alternative.

Before I began writing I searched to see how many other people have written Kinzd wallet reviews. If a lot of people had written useful reviews, I wouldn’t have bothered writing mine.

Many people have written reviews, but a lot of the reviews appear to have been written by internet marketers. Instead of providing useful information, the reviews encourage people to buy wallets via affiliate links.

I read one Kinzd wallet review written by someone who had been using their wallet for two weeks. I read another by someone who been using theirs for a month. Two weeks to a month? To me, that’s not a review. It’s a first impression.

My first impression was mixed and, although I can’t fault Kinzd when it comes to the price, I won’t be buying this brand of wallet again.


Why I Chose a Kinzd Wallet Over Other Brands

I had three main reasons for choosing this wallet:

  • Minimalist Design
  • Low Price
  • Colour

If you are thinking of buying a Kinzd wallet, there’s a good chance you are attracted to it for similar reasons. You may also be considering it because its an RFID blocking wallet. I like that too but it was not a primary consideration when I bought mine.

Placed next to a pen, it's easy to see how slim the Kindz wallet is
If you don’t like bulky pockets, a Kinzd wallet ticks all the right boxes. It’s very slimline.


I bought my Kinzd wallet via Amazon in December 2019. It cost£13. I can’t grumble about that. The previous year, I bought a Bellroy Slim Sleeve minimalist wallet from a store in Utrecht and paid €80. To date, the Bellroy is the best wallet I’ve ever owned but it was stolen during a street attack in Odessa and, these days, I don’t earn enough to pay that kind of money for a wallet. If I did, I’d have bought a replacement Bellroy wallet online.

One of the things I liked about the Bellroy wallet was the colour. Bellroy offers several colour options and I loved the blue. Kinzd has a range of colours to choose from too and the shade of blue was similar to that of my Bellroy.

It’s good to have a choice of colours and it has to be said, Kinzd wallets look pretty stylish when they are new. Unfortunately, if you buy one and use it every day like I did, you may find the good-looks don’t last very long.


First Impression Vs. Final Impression

On looks alone, my first impression was very good. The wallet had a nice strong colour and came in a lovely presentation box. It’s the kind of thing that would make a nice gift.

Kindz Slim Wallet in Presentation Box

Looks aren’t everything though. I quickly found my new wallet lacked functionality. The first time I went to a store and tried to pull my card from one of the three slots on the front of the wallet, I found it extremely difficult to do. I had the same problem with all three card slots at the front and with the card slot on the back (above the ID window) but hoped things would become easier with use.

I had to struggle with my cards for a long time. Fourteen months later, it’s become easier with the two uppermost card slots (front and back), but it’s always a battle to remove the cards from the other two slots on the front of the wallet, above the Kinzd logo.

ID Window
The ID window is a nice idea. I never use it, but many people may find it handy.


The wallet has a central pocket for your banknotes. You have to fold them, and it holds quite a few, but you need to be aware you won’t be able to stuff nearly as much cash inside the Kinzd slim wallet as you can with a normal-size wallet. That’s the case with all minimalist wallets, though.

There are two long slots on either side of the banknote section. They are very handy. Although they are meant to be for cards, you can use them to store receipts or banknotes instead. The good thing about placing your cards in either of these slots/pockets is it’s nice and easy to get them out.

Banknote Pocket (Kindz Slim Wallet)

When I bought My Kinzd Slim wallet, one of the things I liked most about it was the colour. It didn’t last long. These days it doesn’t look so nice and, in a certain light, I’d describe the present colour as cow shit green. It’s not very attractive at all.

I took some time to read some Amazon customer reviews and found other people complaining their wallets had become discoloured. So, if you do decide to buy a Kinzd wallet, be aware the colour you love now may not be the same a few months down the line.

After I’d been using the wallet for a few months, I noticed wear and tear to the edges of my cards. I’m not sure if the cards were damaged sliding into the tight pocket or because they rub against the fabric in my pocket when they are sticking out from the top of the card slot. I suspect it’s possibly the latter. If it is, this is a problem that will occur with other brands of minimalist wallet that have a similar design.

Wear to Edge of Debit Card
This Wallet Has Not Been Kind to the Edge of My Card


Kinzd Slim Wallet Dimensions and Features

Kindz Wallet with Folded Money

  • Height: 11.4 cm
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Thickness: 0.6 cm
  • Weight: 10 Grams


  • RFID Blocking Wallet
  • Made of high-quality Oil Wax Leather.
  • 6 card slots
  • 1 money pocket
  • 1 ID window


The Bottom Line

Although I loved the way the wallet looked when it was new, it discoloured quite quickly. In my opinion, it’s no longer a good-looking wallet.

The quality of the stitching is good though. None of the stitches has come loose and I don’t see any reason why the wallet should not last a few more years. I won’t be keeping it though. It’s not good for my cards. As well as causing wear to the edges of the cards, it also causes some of the cards to become discoloured. I’ve never had a wallet that does that before.

My debit card has presently got a sticky, dark green coating in several places. Who would want a wallet that messes up their cards?

Wise Debit Card (This is What the Kindz Wallet Did to My Card)

I can’t comment on the efficiency of the RFID blocking because there is no way I can test it. I like the idea, though, and can only presume that it works.

The ID window is a nice touch as well. I never bothered renewing my driving license so I have nothing to put in it, but many people may find a window like that very handy.

If you just want a slim RFID blocking wallet that doesn’t cost much money, the Kinzd Slim Wallet is an option you may want to consider. When the wallet is new it will look quite stylish. Unfortunately, before you know it, you will end up with a wallet that looks a little like one of those old leather luggage tags. All things considered, I have to end this review by saying the Kinzd Slim Wallet is not a wallet I can recommend.

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