Rent Free Accomodation Has its Price

Working Hard in Rent-Free Accommodation in Enschede

Travel Writing

When I lived in Seville I had rent-free accommodation because I manned the reception desk at a hostel six nights a week. I had a similar arrangement in Enschede. I went to live with an actress who needed a handyman to help with various projects in her house. When I was younger I trained as an engineer so I am quite a handy guy. I also have quite a lot of experience with fixing up old houses, so it was an easy gig to arrange. She gave me a bed to sleep in, provided me with food, and even cooked me meals on the days she was home. In return, I spent 25 hours a week working on her house. It’s always good to live in rent-free accommodation because it lowers your living expenses, but you still need money. I make my money by writing and have to continue to be reliable or I may lose clients, so my days were long and hectic.

Writing in Enschede
And Work Continues

Enschede is a fantastic town and the main square in the city centre is very lively. Especially so on a Saturday night. Enschede is also the birthplace of Grolsch beer. I managed to visit a few bars but didn’t find time for a trip to the brewery. That’s a pity because I am sure it would have been interesting. It’s too late now. I’m taking the train to Eindhoven tomorrow and moving into a rented room in a small town in Noord-Brabant. I plan to remain a long time because I need to try and build my business. Moving from place to place like I’ve been doing means I’ve had to spend a lot of time searching for places to live. That’s all time I could have spent doing other things and when I was living rent free the extra commitment involved meant I had less free time than usual.