Cruzcampo Beer in Seville

Two Months of Winter Sun in Seville


I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time, but I have been living in Seville for the last couple of months and it has been a busy time for me. To keep my living expenses to a minimum I did some volunteer work in a hostel in exchange for free accommodation. I also had to keep on top of my article writing, and hostels are busy places, so it was really hard to stick to a routine and remain productive.

I’m heading for Barcelona tomorrow, and I’ll be renting a room, so I should find it easier to stick to my writing schedule.

I enjoyed my time in Seville. It’s a beautiful city and a fantastic place to go if you want to avoid all that snow, rain, and teeth-chattering cold that is the norm for winter in so many other European countries. It’s an incredible feeling to sit drinking a nice, cold beer outside a bar, and feel the sun on your face, when you’ve spent most of your winters in the UK, wearing a hat and gloves instead of a summer shirt.

I tend not to do many of the things tourists do, so there are many things I didn’t see but, even before I went to Seville, I wanted to see the Metropol Parasol, so I made a point of doings so. Apparently its the largest man-made wooden construction in the world.

It looks pretty good from below:

Metrosol-Parasol (Seville, Spain) Viewed from Below

And if you take the lift to the top the view is fantastic:

Metropol Parasol Seville

View from the top of the Metropol Parasol Seville

Metropol Parasol Spain

Metropol Parasol

You can see the cathedral in the last picture. its very important in Seville. In fact, it’s so important there is law against building anything that is higher than it.

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