Peter Storm Jack In a Pack (Packable Jacket) Review: Would I Buy This Jacket Again?

Peter Storm Jack In a Pack Review (4 Years of Rainy-Day Protection)

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I only review products I own and have been using for a considerable amount of time. It takes time to get to know a product and see how durable and effective it is. After four years of travelling with my Peter Storm Jack In a Pack, I feel I know enough to write a review. I’m a nomad. I travel to a new city or country on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and like to travel light. My Jack In a Pack is the only wet weather jacket I own so it’s seen quite a lot of use and it’s still holding up well.


What Is a Jack In a Pack?

The Peter Storm Jack In a Pack is a lightweight packable jacket that comes complete with its own stuff sack.

These days, you’ll be lucky to find a Jack in the Pack for sale. You can’t even buy one from the Peter Storm website. At first, I thought they must have been discontinued, but I think it’s truer to say they have been rebranded because the “Peter Storm Packable Jacket” looks very similar to the jacket I’m using now. So this Jack in the Pack review should be equally applicable to the Peter Storm Packable Jacket too.

The Peter Storm Parka In a Pack is another option. It’s a packable jacket as well. There are versions for men, women, and children in a number of size options. With Peter Storm packable jackets, it’s not a case of one size fits all.

The Good thing about the Parka In a Pack is it packs into its pocket instead of a stuff sack. It’s also has a fold-away hood that fits inside the collar. Before I bought my present Jack In a Pack I owned an earlier version that had both these features. I wish the one I have now had them to. It doesn’t. But I can’t complain, it does what it’s supposed to do.


How My Present Jack In a Pack Compares to My First Peter Storm Packable Jacket

I’ve owned both versions of the Peter storm Jack In a Pack. I bought my present one over four years ago while I was still living in England. Since then, it has successfully turned the rain in over a dozen countries.

However, my first Jack In a Pack began letting water through after a while. I can’t remember exactly how long I used it, but I think it was less than a year. The one I have now is still successfully turning the water. I guess that must make it superior to its predecessor.

Peter Storm Jack In a Pack / Packable Jacket Product Features

The jacket is made from 100% polyamide. It’s not lined. That’s one of the reasons it’s so lightweight and can be packed so small. All the seams are taped, to prevent water seeping through.

The jacket has two decent size external pockets with zips. There are also two large mesh-type internal pockets.

Although I’ve never stored a map in either of the inside pockets, they look to be the perfect size.

The jacket fastens at the front with a zip. There’s a flap that covers the zip to prevent water from getting through. The flaps close with Velcro. Sometimes Velcro loses its ability to grip after you’ve been using it a while. The Velcro on my jacket has not done so. I’m actually quite surprised.

The jacket also has elasticated cuffs and an adjustable, elastic pull-cord on the bottom to pull it nice and tight. The hood has a similar pull cord.

A Packable Jacket That with Plenty of Good Features


Things I Like About the Peter Storm Jack In a Pack

I like the fact that the jacket can be packed so small. I’d rather have a packable jacket than an umbrella any day of the week.

Most of all, I’m happy that it keeps out the rain. Not all waterproof jackets live up to their name. This one does.


Things I Don’t Like About the Peter Storm Jack In a Pack

The hood seems to be baggier than it needs to be. It can seriously affect your peripheral vision. I’ve tried adjusting it with the pull cord. but I can never get it to sit right. Walking in the rain, with the hood up, can be a pain in the butt. Especially when the wind gets up. It fills the hood like a windsock and it sometimes blows off my head. The obvious answer would be to pull the draw cords tight. The problem is when I do that the hood pulls ever further over my eyes. As far as the hood goes, there a lot of room for improvement.


Would I Buy This Jacket Again

I would buy another Jack in the Pack / Peter Storm Packable Jacket, but it would not be my first choice. I’d go for a Parka in a Pack instead. If my present jacket ever needs replacing that’s probably what I will do. They look slightly neater and are altogether a better-looking jacket. They also have both the product features I miss from my first Jack In a Pack. However, the day I buy one could be a long time coming. My present jacket still seems to have a lot of life in it yet.

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