Quechua 10L Backpack Review (When You Wear it, You Often Forget You Have It On—It's Light!)

Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack Review

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I’m going to begin this Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack review by pointing out the obvious: this is a very lightweight item. But don’t let that put you off. It’s made of durable material. However, you’re not going to be able to use it for lugging anything really heavy around. It won’t be able to take a lot of weight and the shoulder straps don’t have any padding, so trying to go too heavy would be murder on the shoulders.

It would also be unwise to carry anything inside it that has sharp edges or acute corners. Even if you manage to escape damaging the fabric, the lack of padding will allow hard items to dig into your back.

There are limitations. You need to respect that but this Quechua compact backpack can work well as a day bag for occasional use and it makes a great spare backpack to carry around in your main bag.

I’ve had my Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack for around a year now. It’s a cheap, no frills item that does what it’s supposed to do.

I began this review by pointing out the lightweight nature of the Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack. I’ve got the limitations out of the way as well. Now I’ll mention the areas where it excels.


Weight and Size

Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack: When Packed, It Lives Up to It's Name—It's Small!

The Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack weighs around 1.7 oz and it packs away small. Better still, it has a built-in mini-stuff sack stitched inside, up near the zip. When you unpack it and place it on your back it maybe seems a little small, but it’s big enough to hold a jacket, a bottle of water and some food.



The Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack is so lightweight it’s very easy to forget you are wearing it. Of course, if you overload it with heavy stuff all that will change.

Because it’s such a lightweight backpack, the Quechua 10L Ultra Compact doesn’t make your back all wet and sweaty like normal backpacks do. I have that problem a lot with regular backpacks. I often don’t realize how bad it is until I remove the bag from my back and the cooler air hits my damp shirt. I’ve used my Quechua bag in some pretty hot countries and never had any problems.


It’s Handy


The Quechua 10L Ultra Compact is a great little bag to have around. Sometimes, if I’m only doing a light shop I use mine to carry groceries home. It’s great for other shopping trips as well. The last time I needed some new Jeans and a couple of T-Shirts, I turned down the offer of a carrier bag and put my new clothes in my backpack instead. I don’t like carrying bags around in my hands for extended periods of time. I prefer to have them on my back.

If I’m going for a long walk in the countryside, and I’m not sure if I will be able to buy any refreshments along the way, I put some food and drink in Quechua backpack. I find it perfect for situations like that.

Some days when I’m planning on wandering the countryside or exploring a new city I check the weather forecast and discover it may rain. If that happens, I take my packable rain jacket with me. It’s possible to hang it from my belt, but I always think doing so will make me look like a prat, so I put the rain jacket in my Quechua Backpack instead.


Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack Review Conclusion

So, is the Quechua 10L Backpack any good? I’d have to say yes. Based on my own experience, I recommend the Quechua 10L Ultra Compact Backpack 100%. I’m not sure how it compares to similar products produced by other companies. The Quechua is the only backpack of this type I’ve ever owned so I have nothing to compare it to. However, it does everything I need it do and that’s all I need to know. I would buy this model again if my present bag ever gives up the ghost, but that’s not likely to be anytime soon because it’s still going strong.

If you need a nice, compact bag for occasional use, Quechua has got your back.

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