The Church of Saint Sava: Looking Good Despite the Renovations


When I arrived in Belgrade the Church of Saint Sava was one of the first landmarks I found. I didn’t go looking for it or even know of its existence. I just went for a walk during the evening, with no particular destination in mind and ended up standing in front of a magnificent building.

A few days later, I went walking again but in a different direction. Imagine my surprise when I and found myself at the Church of Saint Sava again. It turns out it’s not far from the apartment I’m renting.

The next time I walked past the Church of Saint Sava it was a lovely sunny day so I took a couple of photographs. The church is undergoing renovations at the moment. The scaffolding and orange mesh isn’t ideal, but it’s still possible to get a good picture.

There doesn’t seem to be much information available online about the renovation or how long the work will last. There’s a lot of disappointed people placing Saint Sava Church reviews on Trip Advisor though.

One guy from Saudi Arabia has graded it as terrible because he couldn’t get any good photos. That’s harsh. The work will be necessary and, whether or not the scaffolding is there, it’s still very impressive to see.

An Overly Harsh Rating on the TripAdvisor Website

I’ve never been inside the church, but I’m sure it’s probably as spectacular within as it is without—or will be when the renovation is finished. Apparently, there’s an interesting crypt, but Belgrade is a large city and the idea of exploring it is more attractive to me than seeing the inside of a church, no matter how grand it may be.

If you are presently visiting Belgrade or planning to do so in the future, the Church of Saint Sava is one of the places you should try and make time to see. It’s the largest Orthodox church in Serbia and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world.