How to Find the Cheapest Way to Travel from Seville to Bordeaux

How to Find the Cheapest Way to Travel from Seville to Bordeaux


The fact that you’ve landed on this page suggests you’re probably searching for the cheapest way to travel from Seville to Bordeaux. Unfortunately, there is no one answer that fits all.

The cheapest way to travel from Seville to Bordeaux varies from one day to the next. Nothing is written in stone. When I wanted to make the journey I was surprised by how much the prices can vary. In my case, the cheapest option was to travel with FlixBus but depending on the date you need to travel and how much baggage you have, FlixBus may not be the best option for you.

One of the things I do on this blog try and offer people useful travel tips and advice. I like to travel as cheap as possible. I know other people do too so, after I’ve made a journey, I often write a blog post to help other travellers who need to make the same trip. In this case, Seville to Bordeaux.

When you want to travel between Seville and Bordeaux, the main options are to fly, travel by bus, or try to arrange a ride with BlaBlaCar. If you like travelling by train, it’s possible as well but the train will only take you as far as Madrid. After, that you will need to go the rest of the way by bus. You can arrange all the necessary tickets via Trainline, but it’s unlikely to be the cheapest way to go.


Fly from Seville to Bordeaux (Might be the Cheapest Way to Travel)

The first option I looked at was flying from Seville to Bordeaux. It’s possible to get a direct flight and, with a journey time of less than two hours, flying is definitely the fastest way to get to Bordeaux from Seville. It’s also going to be the most comfortable. Long-distance bus journeys are a pain in the neck and murder on your bum. Travelling long distances by car is not much better.

I use several different websites when I’m looking for cheap flights. Most of the time, Kiwi is the one that works best. However, when you are looking at the costs of flights, you’ve got to remember the baggage you travel with may push up the price, especially if you have one or more connections, so the price you originally see is unlikely to be the price you pay.

In my case, although I found a cheap direct flight from Seville to Bordeaux, the baggage costs made it more expensive than the bus. I’m a mean, penny-pinching Yorkshireman so I chose to go to Bordeaux by bus. On another day, the difference in price may not have been enough to put me off flying but on the day I needed to travel the difference in cost was enough to make me rule out going to Bordeaux by plane.

That’s how it was for me. On the day you want to travel from Seville to Bordeaux, flying might be the cheapest way to travel. Especially if you are not travelling with checked luggage.

I’ve just visited Kiwi and pulled up the prices for travelling on different dates. The cost of a flight to Bordeaux from Seville varies a lot from day to day. 

The most expensive flight at this moment in time is €191. That’s what I’d have to pay if I needed to fly to Bordeaux on November 1st. The cheapest flight is €14. To bag that bargain I’d have to travel on November 19th. As you can see from the screenshot below, there’s a huge difference in the cost of flights.

Flight Prices (Seville to Bordeaux)

The thing to remember is, the prices you are looking at are just for you and possibly some hand luggage. If you fly with Ryanair, you won’t even get that. These days, all Ryanair is throwing in for free is a personal item. If you have a cabin bag it will cost you an extra €12.61. Add a (20 kg) checked bag and you’ll need to pay a further €19.50.

Ryanair Luggage Costs

So, when I checked the prices today, the cheapest flight from Seville to Bordeaux was €14, flying with Ryanair on November 19th. The bag my computers are in has to go as a cabin bag and my backpack as checked luggage. That means the flight to Bordeaux would actually cost me €46.11. If you travel lighter you will be able to get a better deal.

However, despite the baggage costs, On November 19th, flying with Ryanair would actually be the cheapest way for me to get from Seville to Bordeaux. Unfortunately, on the date I had to travel, that was not the case.

Check Kiwi to Check for the Best Prices Now

Now let’s look at some of the other travel options for the same date.


Seville to Bordeaux by Train (Unlikely to be the Cheapest Option)

On November 19th, the cheapest way to make the journey by train cost €99.85. That’s more than twice the cost of flying, part of the journey had to be made by bus, and the journey time was over 24 hours.

When you are travelling from Seville to Bordeaux, the Train Only Takes You Part of the Way

There are plenty of days when flying may be more expensive, but making the full trip by bus will always be cheaper than that.

Check Train Ticket Prices at Trainline


Seville to Bordeaux with BlaBlaCar (Probably Not the Best Way to Go)

Lots of fellow travellers keep telling me about BlaBlaCar and raving about how good it is. BlaBlaCar doesn’t appeal to me. There are many reasons for this. I might use the service if I was desperate but I recently did a 5-hour hike, carrying both my bags, because the town I needed to get to was not served by public transport and the only option was to use BlaBlaCar.

When I originally heard about BlaBlaCar, I got the impression it was a cheap way to travel. I guess sometimes it is but I’ve seen lots of BlaBlaCar drivers asking ridiculously high fees for some journeys. In the UK, when people try to take advantage of you we say “They’re taking you for a ride.” That’s an appropriate comment for some of the prices BlaBlaCar drivers are asking.

On November 19th, it was possible to arrange a ride to Bordeaux via BlaBlaCar. The driver was asking €93.

Seville to Bordeaux: BlaBlaCar may cost more than a lot of people think

I checked a few other dates and found some drivers asking well over €100.

See if You Can Get a BlaBlaCar Ride


Seville to Bordeaux with FlixBus (Sometimes the Cheapest Way to Travel)

It doesn’t matter what route you are doing, FlixBus prices can vary depending on the date and time of day. This route is no exception and it’s important to be aware you need to change buses.

For the first leg of the journey, you take the bus from Seville to Lisbon Oriente. Then you get the bus from Lisbon to Bordeaux. All told, the journey will take you around 29 hours.

When I made the journey from Seville to Bordeaux with Flixbus it cost me €58.98. However, if I’d been travelling on November 19th it would have only cost me €49.98.

FlixBus is often the cheapest way to travel between Seville and Bordeaux

The bus that leaves the Plaza de Armas at 00:15 is generally the cheapest. However, on certain days at certain times, the price of a FlixBus ticket can be close to €100. There’s never any need to pay that much though. FlixBus always offers several services per day. Sometimes it offers customers discounts and special deals as well. Especially if you are a regular FlixBus traveller.

One of the good things about FlixBus is the buses have free Wi-Fi and a socket you can use to charge your phone. I find the electric socket a real bonus. It means I always arrive at my destination with a fully-charged phone.

Check for the Best FlixBus Prices


Other Factors to Consider

There are all sorts of things you need to consider before making a journey like this. For instance, women who are travelling alone may not feel comfortable with the idea of arriving at Bordeaux in the early hours of the morning and will have to choose their mode of transport accordingly.

If you are thinking of flying, you need to bear in mind Bordeaux airport is around 12 km west of the city centre. Depending on your final destination, this could work for you or against you.

If you travel with FlixBus the bus drops you off in the centre of the city. Again this may work for you or against you. However, the FlixBus drop-off point is only around a 5-minute walk from Gare de Bordeaux Saint-Jean (train station). From there you can travel to pretty much anywhere you may need to go in France.

You may also want to bear in mind the additional costs you may have when you are underway. If you travel with FlixBus, the journey will take a long time so you may want to take along plenty of food. The bus stops every three hours or so, but the places where it stops are expensive. You could end up paying €4-€5 for a sandwich and over €2 for a small bottle of coke. Costs like that can soon mount up.

If you are planning to travel from Seville to Bordeaux, I hope this blog post is useful to you. If you disagree with anything I’ve said or know a better way to travel, please leave a comment in the comments section below. The information may be useful to other people wishing to make this trip.

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