Bus Route (Seville to Algeciras)

How to Travel Between Seville and Algeciras (What You Need to Know)


I’m writing this blog post to help people who are looking for the best way to travel from Seville to Algeciras via public transport. The information should also be useful for anyone who wants to travel from Algeciras to Seville.

In September I made the journey from Seville to Algeciras using public transport so I’m writing this post from personal experience. I like to travel as cheap as possible but sometimes pay a little more if there is another option that is more convenient. In this case, I discovered the most expensive option is also the slowest and the difference in price and time is so great I was quite surprised.


Seville to Algeciras Using Public Transport: A look at the Options

There are two ways to get from Seville to Algeciras using public transport. The first way is to travel by train. The second option is to go by bus. Going by bus is also the best option. If you travel from Seville to Algeciras by train, you will pay over €50 for a ticket and the journey will take around 5 1/4 hours.

Sevilla-Santa Justa to Algeciras by Train

If you travel from Seville to Algeciras by bus, you can make the journey in 2 1/2 hours or less and pay less than €20 to make the trip.

Apart from being faster and cheaper, the bus also beats the train in another way—there are more services per day. In September 2019, there was only one train service between Seville and Algeciras per day. The Autocares Valenzuela bus company was offering seven services a day. I’ve just checked again and the situation is the same for October and it seems likely it will remain the same all through the year.

Autocares Valenzuela (Bus Times)


Getting to Algeciras by Train

If you want to travel from Seville to Algeciras by train, there are two legs to the journey.

First of all, you need to get the train from Sevilla-Santa Justa (main train station in Seville) to Antequera. Then you have to get the train from Antequera to Algeciras. When you arrive at Antequera, you will normally have to wait around 50 minutes for the other train to arrive. That’s one of the things that makes the train so much slower than the bus.

The train leaves Santa Justa [MAP] at 12:50 pm and arrives at Antequera for 14:16. The journey from Antequera to Algeciras takes much longer. The train leaves Antequera at 15:05 and doesn’t arrive at Algeciras until three hours later. As you may gather, it’s not one of Spain’s famous fast trains that often travel at up to 300 km per hour. The other thing that slows the train down is all the stops it has to make along the way.

Seville to Algeciras by Train (Changes and Stops)


Seville to Algeciras by Bus (Easily the Best Way to Travel)

Autocares Valenzuela is the main bus company operating between Seville and Algeciras. There appears to be a couple of other companies operating between the two cities but they don’t offer as many services per day and cost a little more to use.

Autocares Valenzuela travels between the bus station at Prado de San Sebastiàn [MAP] in Seville and the main bus station in Algeciras. It’s a big, yellow building. If you go to the Prado de San Sebastiàn Metro Station, you will see it on the opposite side of the road.

Although it may be possible to find middle-men companies selling tickets online, it’s cheaper to buy your ticket at the station. That’s what I did and my ticket only cost me €19.38. At the time, buying online would have cost me a few euros more.

Bus Ticket (Sevilla to Algeciras)



If you are searching for the best way to travel between Seville and Algeciras, the fastest and cheapest way is to take an Autocares Valenzuela bus. The prices and timetables in this post were accurate at the time I wrote it. Prices and travel times may change in the future, but travelling by train will probably remain the slowest and most expensive way to go. If you disagree with anything I’ve written, or have further information to add, please leave a comment in the comment section below. It may help other people who are going to travel this route.

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