The Good Burger (TGB) is a hamburger you can only buy in spain

Move over Mcdonald’s, the Good Burger Is the Best Burger in Spain

European Food

The Good Burger (TGB) is a Spanish hamburger chain and, if the company ever decides to go international, McDonald’s and Burger King would have some serious competition because Good Burger burgers taste a lot better and are easily the best burger in Spain.

Although I like the chips from McDonald’s better than Burger King chips, given the choice I would normally go to a Burger King restaurant because the burgers taste better and contain more meat. However, I’m in Seville at the moment and The Good Burger hamburger is the only burger for me. The portion size is smaller than you would get at a Burger King restaurant, but about the same as a McDonalds and probably a little bit cheaper. I paid €6.60 for a meal that consisted of a burger, some chips, and a glass of coke. Sauce or dips don’t appear to be an option but, like the burgers, the chips have a lot more flavour than the ones you get from McDonald’s or Burger King, so dips aren’t really needed.

TGB: The Good Burger

One of the most distinctive things about burgers from The Good Burger is the “TGB” scorched onto the top of the bun. It’s a nice touch, but the real selling point is the taste and texture of the meat. When you feel the texture of the meat on your tongue it’s more like the kind of burger you’d buy from a butcher shop. McDonalds’ burgers are not like that. All of the life has been processed out of the meat, along with most of the taste. The gherkins and sauce are essential to save the day. The meat in a Burger King burger is infinitely better. It’s not just me. Lots of people say so, but if you ever go to Spain and visit The Good Burger there will be no going back. Seriously. The burgers are really that good.

The TGB Flashing Disc Lets You Know When Your Order is Ready

One of the interesting things about TGB restaurants is the system they use to let you know your meal is ready. After you’ve placed your order you are given a small, red electronic disc. Then you choose a table and go and sit down. When the disc starts flashing and beeping you take it back to the counter and exchange it for your meal.

If you are ever in Spain and feel the urge to eat a hamburger, I can give The Good Burger my highest recommendation. I’m aware a lot of people find it hard to move out of their comfort zone, but you can buy a Big Mac or Double Whopper anywhere. When you are on holiday, do you really want to eat all the same things that you do at home?

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