The Ermita De San Pedro: Something to See If You're in Mondéjar

The Ermita de San Pedro: Something to See If You’re in Mondéjar


The Ermita de San Pedro (Chapel of St. Peter) is a small, stone-built Catholic chapel in Mondéjar, Spain.

San Pedro is the Spanish version of St. Peter. According to the list of saints published at Catholic Online, there are five San Pedro. The number of St. Peters is longer still. The list shows more than 100 saints of that name. I have been unable to find out which San Pedro/St. Peter the ermita at Mondéjar is dedicated too.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about the Ermita de San Pedro at Mondéjar at all. According to the local council, the building may have been constructed under the instructions of Don Juan Ibáñez de Segovia after his business endeavours brought him additional wealth and respect.

The Ermita de San Pedro is a small, square building. Entry is gained via the wooden doors at the front of the building, located underneath a prominent external porch supported by twin stone pillars.

Ermita de San Pedro, Spain

Unfortunately, the doors are generally locked so if you visit Mondéjar you probably will not be able to take a look inside. It’s certainly worth taking a look at the Ermita de San Pedro if you are already in Mondéjar, but it’s not nearly interesting enough to be worth a special trip. However, there are plenty of other interesting things to see while you are in Mondéjar including the Ermita de San Sebastián, which is located on the outskirts of the town and is certainly worth a special trip.


How to Get to the Ermita de San Pedro

The Ermita de San Pedro is very close to the centre of Mondéjar, about a five-minute walk for the Plaza Major. If you are coming from Madrid, the journey will take around an hour by car and around 45 minutes from Guadalajara.


Map to Ermita de San Pedro

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